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Instructions for taking over tendered ads

As a registered agency, you can view listings for which individuals are in need of your services as an intermediary. Along with other agencies, you can bid to manage these listings for these individuals.

Specify your region

fter creating your profile in the ‘Advertise tendered ads’, you may adjust the appearance of these ads. For those ads that you want to be visible, you must select their corresponding region.

ProdamSam offers you a choice of up to 3 regions from any of the available countries.


Appearance of tendered ads

If you have enabled viewing of tendered ads, they will appear in your listings.

By clicking on the ad, you can view more details about the ad. You can also add them to “my shortlist” with the save button. By clicking the “bid” button, you can send a message to the property owner to discuss your offer.

Taking over ads

If you and the owner of the ad come to an agreement under which you manage their ad, then the owner can assign their ad to your agency with a few clicks.

Afterwards, the ad will appear under your listings, and will be removed from the list of tendered ads.

You are now the owner of this ad and have complete control over it.



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