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In order to post ads, you must be registered with ProdamSam. Registration is FREE and comes with 1 free 30-day ad.

During the promotional period, every user who registers receives a gift of 100 credits.

You may use your Google or Facebook account to register. By registering, you gain access to new functions on the site, including the ad editor, private messaging system, and transaction manager.



Before you can start creating property ads, you must create your profile. Your profile will contain information that your potential buyers can use to contact you.

While creating your profile, you will select what type of seller you are. Select ‘owner’ if you are the person who owns the property. Select ‘investor’ if you are a legal entity developing for the market.


You are now ready to create property ads. Creating your ad is the most important factor to your success in selling your property. You will be asked to classify your ad and fill out necessary fields.

You are given one free ad and an unlimited number of tendered ads. Tendered ads will be visible to all agencies registered on ProdamSam, but they will not be visible on the property search accessible to all users.





Sometimes posting an ad is not enough. You want to make your ad visible to potential customers. Launching a marketing campaign through ProdamSam will increase your chances of reaching these customers. While creating your ad, you can decide where and how you want your ad to appear.


After creating your ad, it will become visible to potential buyers. Those who are interested in your property will view the ad and eventually contact you. You will be able to track every visit to your ad. Communication between you and the buyer and may occur through the ProdamSam's private messaging system. You will receive an email notification for every private message you receive. All these features come with registration.


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