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Add new listing

After you have created your profile, you can start creating your listings.
You can create the ad’s content on your own time. Your ad will not appear on the web site’s bulletin until you explicitly authorize it.



Create a new listing by clicking on the horizontal menu: Add New Listing. The page opens with 4 buttons above and below the central part of the page, divided into tabs, in which you enter details of the ad. Meaning of buttons: Save - save your changes and close the page; Apply - save the changes and remain on page; Reset - delete the changes that are not saved; Close - close the page without saving changes.

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First select the type of property you want to sell or rent. You may then enter the address information of the property. If you have entered the address, its position on the map will be automatically marked. Otherwise, you must manually set the marker on the map or enter the latitude and longitude in the appropriate fields.
At the bottom of the page, below the map, there are 4 sections with fields for additional descriptions. These fields are optional, but we recommend that you enter as much information as you can.


In the sales items tab, fill the relevant information in the following sections: Permissions: Choose an option that allows real estate agencies to contact you or not, Details of the transaction: select the type of ad and enter the value of the property, plus a number of other optional fields.
Sales messages: information about your property to potential buyers that is available when searching through ads.
Description: a more detailed description of the property.

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If you want to sell your property through an agency, then under the Information tab for type of ad, select Sale by tender. This listing will be visible only to registered agencies, and not to any other site visitors.
Interested agencies can contact you via the private messaging system, and can assign the listing to you by clicking "Assign listing".
After assigning an ad, you no longer have control over it as the agency will now manage the ad.
You can post an unlimited number of tender ads.


In the Additional Details tab, you can enter General residential information about the area. You can also select the appropriate information in the Y/N features section.

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In the Overview tab, enter the open house’s dates and times.
If you rent a property, in the “Rental Availability” section, enter the date from when the property is available.


In the the Marketing resources tab, you can post additional documents, such as certificates of energy efficiency plans, marketing documents, pictures ,and links to video files. Most of these options are available only for certain types of paid ads.

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You can upload photos only after you save the changes in the ad. The section for uploading photos is at the bottom of the page and is visible in all tabs.
To select the image, click the Upload button and find the appropriate file on your computer. The name and size of your photo will automatically appear under the upload button. To upload the image, press the Start upload button and after a few seconds you will see an additional photograph in your list of photographs. If you want to see the thumbnail of the current photo, click the ‘apply’ button at the bottom.
Repeat the above instructions to add additional photos.
You also have the following optional features. You may also add the address and short description of the photograph. You can change the order of the photographs by clicking the appropriate arrows on the side of them. You may also delete a photo by clicking ‘delete’.


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