Marketing ProdamSam is a web advertising provider. provides an advertising medium for real estate, as well as for related services such as legal, financing, design, and remodeling services. is NOT A REAL ESTATE BROKER, and all transactions are made through those who place the advertisements themselves.

Each member is entitled to one free standard listing for 30 days.

To extend the duration of the listing, or to post several listings and create marketing campaigns, it is necessary to provide an adequate number of credits pursuant to the offer.

Ad Types


Search priority

10 credits

  • Duration (days): 30
  • Photos: 6
  • Position:
  • Promo material:
  • Search priority:

Standard plus

+plan, pdf, video


  • Duration (days): 30
  • Photos: 12
  • Position:
  • Promo material:
  • Search priority:


+front page position


  • Duration (days): 15
  • Photos: 12
  • Position:
  • Promo material:
  • Search priority:


+baner position

100 credits

  • Duration (days): 10
  • Photos: 12
  • Position:
  • Promo material:
  • Search priority:

Packages for Brokers and Developers

Flat 500


  • Discount 20%
  • Price: 20EUR

Flat 1000


  • Discount 30%
  • Price: 35EUR

Flat 2500


  • Discount 40%
  • Price: 75EUR

Flat 5000


  • Discount 50%
  • Price: 125EUR


  • Purchased credits are valid for all types of campaigns.
  • Credits can be used for up to 6 months from date of purchase.
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