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About Us is the regional web provider of real estate and related services advertising in Eastern and South-Central Europe. contains information on real estate and related services from 15 European countries with a combined population of 180 million. The site is promoted around the world in 13 languages. services are offered in Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and are expanding. is accessible in each local language, as well as in English and Russian. is a one-stop comprehensive real estate resource. Through the site's Services Directory, architects, decorators, engineers, attorneys, insurance agents, financial advisors, suppliers, craftsmen, and any other providers of real estate related services may post information on their business.

The name is a protected EU trademark (TM).

Prodam Sam means something very close to For Sale By Owner in Russian, Czech, BCS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian), and Slovenian. In other Slavic languages, slight variations on the name mean the same thing. is NOT A REAL ESTATE BROKER, and all transactions are made through those who place the advertisement themselves.

Material advertised on has not been screened, verified, or evaluated. is not involved in any transactions or in private matters between the parties of the transaction.

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Apartmants from vacation Crikvenica
Domek letniskowy nad morzem

€ 100
Wynajem krótkoterminowy
n1a 1.katu Zagreb

€ 400
Wynajem krótkoterminowy
Atraktivan stan - Mlinovi Zagreb

€ 130,000
GORSKI KOTAR, u netaknutoj prirodi Delnice
Teren do zagospodarowania

€ 24,100