How to renew expired listing?

1 In order to be able to renew your listing that has expired, you need to log in to the portal. On the My Listings page the listing's status will be marked as expired and there will be the Renew button below it. To renew the listing click the Renew button.

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2 A new window opens with the message that the listing can be renewed as a free or faid listing. If you choose free listing, click on the button will restore it for the next 30 days. It is necessary to publish the renewed listing (see step 4). If you choose paid listing, a new page will open with the list of available marketing campaigns for the listing (see step 3).

3 On the page with the list of available marketing campaign for the listing click the check button next to the name of the desired campaign, and then click the Update Campaign button. Thus you have purchased the selected campaign, the listing will be restored and the campaign will be activated. NOTE: It is necessary to publish the renewed ad (see step 4).

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4 To make the renewed listing visible on the portal you need to publish it by clicking the Publish button.

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