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ReaL Estate agencies can post their own ads, advertise themselves, and manage ads as a service to individual (non-agency) sellers. The first step is to register for an account on ProdamSam. Registration is FREE and comes with a free 30-day ad. You may use your Google or Facebook account to register.

During the promotional period, every user who registers receives a gift of 100 credits.

By registering as an agency on ProdamSam, you gain access to new features, including ad management tools, marketing campaign tools, private messaging with potential buyers, financial transaction tools, and the ability to participate in bids to manage ads from individual (non-agency) sellers.



Before you begin creating your property listing ads, you will create an agency profile. Your profile will contain information that potential buyers can use to get in touch with you.

When creating a profile, you will select what type of seller you are. Choose “Agency” to register as a real estate agency. Make your profile as complete as possible, so that you can attract more buyers.


Now you are ready to create the content for your ads. The quality of your ad is the most important factor in your success in attracting buyers. The details of your ad are classified into 4 distinct categories. Your can work on your ad over several sessions, as per your convenience. The ad will not be publicly visible until you initiate your campaign.





As a registered agency, you have the ability to see the listings that individual owners want to sell through an agency. Agencies bid to provide this service. Through the private messaging system, you can get in touch with owners and discuss the terms of such an agreement.

When a property owner decides to let you manage their ad, the ad will automatically be transferred to your account. You will assume full control and responsibility over this ad.


As professionals in sales, you know that an ad’s visibility is essential to a quick sale. Create a strategy and launching a marketing campaign will increase the probability that your ad will be seen. You decide where and how it will appear. Familiarize yourself with the details of the marketing offer.





After creating your ad, it will become visible to potential buyers. Those who are interested in your property will view the ad and eventually contact you. You will be able to track every visit to your ad.

Communication between you and the buyer may occur through the ProdamSam private messaging system. You will receive an email notification for every private message you receive. All these features come with registration.

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