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1 Setting the price

One of the key aspects in selling real estate is setting the price. ProdamSam offers you two ways to do this. First, you can use the automatic assessment tool. Alternatively, you can offer your property to real estate agencies and determine further steps through an auction. 


2 Maximum visibility

ProdamSam lets you promote your real estate ad in a number of ways. These include boosting your position in searches and even posting on other real estate websites.

3 Save time on paperwork

When you find a buyer, you will need to complete the relevant paperwork. ProdamSam facilitates this by providing you with free access to the necessary documents for selling and renting real estate. If you do not wish to do this on your own, ProdamSam even helps you find a lawyer. ProdamSam offers a list of specialized law firms who specialize in this kind of work.




4 So, what should I do?

Independent sales are not as complicated as they seem. Of course, a little more time and effort is needed, but the money you will save after completing successfully completing a deal will be a sweet reward. A step by step process awaits for you.

5 Our Guarantee

We sometimes hear from sellers that having knowledge of the market helps you sell real estate more quickly. We are dedicated to helping you sell your property. We accept that this may be the case, and we are dedicated to making it easier for you to sell your properties. Therefore, if you are unable to sell your property through your own ad, you can use ProdamSam's tools to connect with our registered agencies. We will transfer all expenses from your independent ad towards your selected agency. These funds will then again be used to promote your real estate ad. 


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